About Fuzhou

Fuzhou, also named as Banyan City (榕城 in Chinese), is the capital of Fujian Province; it is in the east of Fujian Province; it situates by Min River on the west side of Taiwan strait. It is the political, cultural and transportation center of Fujian Province and its special Economic Zone. Founded in 202 BC, Fuzhou is the birthplace of the well-known marine silk road. As one of the first five trading ports in mainland China, Fuzhou has evolved itself as a strategic hub linking to the outside world.

Fuzhou is an attractive tourist city in China. It has a unique coastal landscape with many famous mountains, temples, gardens and historical buildings. It has Xi-Chan temple, Ping-tan beach, Gu-Shan, Qing-yun mountain, 18-loop stream creek and other scenic areas. In the downtown area lies the famous Three Lanes and Seven Alleys, which is recognized as "one of China's top ten historical and cultural streets", featured in the roads and buildings constructed since Tang and Song Dynasties. It has also been known as the "architectural museum of Ming and Qing Dynasties"; Lin Zexu, the well-known figure in the Opinium war of 1840s was born there. In all, there are more than 150 famous historical sites in Fuzhou, including Linzexu tomb and Hua-lin temple.     



Fuzhou has a typical subtropical climate with evergreen seasons and fresh air. October to December sees very pleasant temperature of 20-25℃, January to February the coldest of 6-10℃ and July to August the warmest of 33-37℃ since Fuzhou is a basin. July to September is the concentration period of typhoon activities, with an average of two direct typhoons hits every year.


Fuzhou can be reached conveniently by air, land and sea. Fuzhou Chang-le International Airport is a modern aviation airport that offers the flights to all provinces of China and international cities such as Singapore, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Jeju Island, Bangkok, Jakarta, etc. The two high-speed railways stations also allow easy transportations for Fuzhou to and from any other major cities within hours.   There are also convenient public transportation networks of subway and bus in Fuzhou, which offers easy and quick access to any place in the city.